Quality Policy

Quality Policy

AEGIS CO combines its extensive experience, people, processes and technology to deliver bundled outsourced solutions. AEGIS Co is committed to earning and maintaining the confidence of its clients by providing quality resources and services designed to meet client requirements and expectations and represent AEGIS Co’s commitment to quality.

We are committed to:
• Communicating our quality objectives, policies and procedures to all workers through effective training, encouraging quality awareness and personal initiatives in employees so as to develop a commitment to plan, implement, check and review All activities to ensure they are performed safely, efficiently, effectively and correctly;
• Providing resources and services that comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, standards, codes, certifications and contractual requirements;
• Acting quickly and assuredly on customer concerns to ensure we meet their needs and key performance indicators;
• Establishing, reviewing and communicating performance measures and taking action to improve outcomes;
• Implementing and maintaining AEGIS Co’s Business Management System to meet AS/NZS ISO 9001 requirements, integrating this into all business operations;
• Capturing suggestions from clients and workers to improve the effectiveness of the Business Management System;
• Meet periodically to review and revise our Quality Policy and procedures to ensure they remain relevant to the organisations goals and objectives.

All AEGIS Co personnel are responsible for maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and contributing to its improvement in order to ensure we meet our objectives.

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